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We take this opportunity to introduce "ADIANANT SOLUTIONS" as a manufacturing firm for energy efficient solutions.

We are a leading LED lights and solar powered equipment manufacturing company based in Kanpur, U.P. established in the year 2010. Since our establishment we have successfully completed numerous projects and have a vast consumer base in India and Abroad.

AdiAnant Solutions was founded by a team of Electrical Engineers and Entrepreneurs. This gives our products the necessary edge in terms of technology, quality and performance. We thrive for customer satisfaction hence customization and suitability is our core strength. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

AdiAnant Solutions unceasingly strives for excellence, evident from its new generation of LED luminaries of international designs and quality. These LED lights are used for Office, Home, industry, outdoor street lights, flood lights, bollard landscape lights, tunnel lighting and many other lighting purposes.

At present Government agencies, Corporations and Industries are big spenders in this area using them extensively with the purpose of "Energy Saving & Go Green" initiatives.

As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for controlling costs, reducing Operational Cost and reducing maintenance cost, organizations and home users have looked to LED lighting as the best option.

We all should expect that the wider use of energy efficient lighting by “AdiAnant” would lead to substantial energy savings and contribute its small share towards a Green society. Your participation is desired in our thrust and endeavor in improving the environment.

We also provide solutions for outdoor façade lighting and carry a vast range of accessories such as waterproof power suppliers, RGB Controllers, DMX Controllers, Wireless Switches, Dimmers and controllers, complete Lighting automation and much more.

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